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Date : (July 1st 2008 - 15th Feb 2009)


In continuation of Cricket For Peace, we planned our next major event called ART FOR PEACE. With the understanding that silence is more eloquent than speech, we created a platform for a composite dialogue among religious leaders and civil society where secular leaders, social workers, media persons and students from different religious traditions and diverse cultures participated in the event. Hence over a hundred leaders of different age groups old and young were put into groups, constituting between five to ten leaders. They put their heads together, meeting once a week over a period of seven months to ponder over the subject of peace and harmonious co-existence (July 1st 2008 - 15th Feb 2009)


After intense discussions on the subject, each group arrived at a consensus on their concept of peace. The concept was passed to junior artists who in turn, translated the group vision of peace on a single piece of canvas. The medium used was acrylic. The canvas was provided by the Foundation and the paints were provided by Camlin Paints and Mrs. Hansa Pandya. An Exhibition of paintings was held at the Tao Art Gallery, Worli from 19th – 28th  - February 2009 courtesy Smt. Kalpana Shah, the proprietor of Tao Foundation. The activity was not only challenging, but also effective as a tool for peace making and creating cohesive thinking on peace making among the group.


His Excellency Shri S. C. Jamir, Honorable Governor of Maharashtra was our Chief Guest and His Excellency Mr. Paul Folmsbee, Honorable Consul-General United States of America, Mumbai, was our Guest of Honor at the Inaugural function held on the 21st February 2009.


In this endeavour the Foundation expresses its gratitude to our International Advisory Board Member, Mr. Jim Cunningham for his invaluable advise, unstinted support and encouragement.

Eminent artist Shri M. H. Raza graced the occasion. Prominent persons from the world of art like Smt. Kalpana Shah, Tao Art Foundation, acclaimed artist Prafulla Dhanukar, publisher and editor of “Galleria”, Bina Sarkar Elliyas, Curator Durva Gandhi were invited to judge the paintings and Certificates were awarded to the participants on the occasion. The Exhibition received much acclaim and was a great success. Dignitaries from the city of Mumbai attended the function.



The Valedictory Event was held on 28th February 2009. Shri Jagdish Saxena, Managing Director, Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd. was the chief Guest and Shri Pratap Bogilal, Managing Director Emeritus, Batliboi Ltd. was the Guest of Honor. An announcement of our forthcoming publication “Winning The Peace: A Quest” was made. A Press Conference for the event was organized at the Tao Art Gallery on the 19th February, 2007. Eminent Artist Shri M. H. Raza viewed the works of Arts. Dignitaries, Religious and Secular leaders and students attended the conference.


For our event Art for Peace we give our special thanks and express our deep appreciation and gratitude to Smt. Kalpana Shah, the proprietress of The Tao Art Foundation, for hosting our event at The Event at The Tao Art Gallery for a week. The staff was kindly put at our disposal attending to the most minute details. She put her full heart into the endeavour even though she lost her dear husband in the 26/11/2008 terror attacks. The Wisdom Foundation is indebted to her.



We express our gratitude to H. E. Shri S. C. Jamir, Honorable Governor of Maharashtra for his presence. We likewise express our gratitude to Mr. Paul Folmsbee, Consul-General of United State of America for his presence.


We thank Shri M. H. Raza eminent national and international artist for his gracious presence and encouraging words. His presence was a source of inspiration to all present. We thank eminent artist, Smt. Prafulla Dahanukar, Smt. Bina Sarkar Ellias, editor and publisher, Galleria, Smt. Durva Gandhi, Curator, for judging the event. We thank Shri Bharat Patel and Shri Angira Arya for all their support and assistance to make the event a success. We thank Shri Ahsan Ahmed for singing the melodious song on communal harmony, composed by Shri Haider Azmi. We also thank Shri Gautam Chandu Karkar and Shri Raghav Vindra for their excellent rendering and musical accompaniment. Their songs and music were much appreciated.


We are indebted to Smt. Hansa A. Pandya, a remarkable lady and her son Shri Amit A. Pandya a noted peace-maker for their generous contribution towards making this event a success. We thank Camlin Paints for providing the colours at half the cost, Shri Alok Aggarwal, Smt. Ahla Furniturewala, Shri Bharat Patel, Smt. Khorshed Gandhy, Shri Kekoo Gandhy, Smt Arnavaz Mama, Smt. Mumtaz Lilani, Shri Imran Merchant, Shri Gulam Vahanvati for their valuable contribution.


In order to strengthen positive resources in promoting harmonious coexistence, deeper understanding and building co-operation among communities, the Wisdom Foundation organized an interactive event for a cross section of civil society called CHANTING FOR PEACE : DESH KI AWAZ,  was held on the 18th November 2009 at the Kala Ghoda, Mumbai. Diverse cultures and religious groups chanted for Peace from their sacred traditions in Hindi, Marathi, English, Guajarati, Punjabi and Urdu proclaiming the message of Peace, preservation of life, respect for humanity, security and well-being. The message was peace for all. Lyrics of the special song were written by Shri Vimal Karun for the event. The music was composed by Shri Nikhil Kamath and sung by Shri Kadar.




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